Alfred Harrievich Schnittke (1934-1998)

List of works from Grove Music

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Labyrinths (ballet, 5 episodes, V. Vasilyev), 1971, Moscow, spr. 1972 [1st episode], Leningrad, 7 June 1978 [complete]
Der gelbe Klang [Yellow Sound] (pantomime, V. Kandinsky), S, chorus, inst ens, 1974, Saint Bomme, sum. 1974
Historia von D. Johann Fausten (op, introduction, 3, epilogue, J. Morgener and Schnittke, after J. Spies: Volksbuch), 1983–94 [incl. cant. Seid nüchtern und wachet … ], Hamburg, 22 June 1995
Sketches (ballet, 1, A. Petrov, after N. Gogol), 1985, Moscow, 16 Jan 1985 [orchd G. Rozhdestvensky]
Peer Gynt (ballet, 3, J. Neumeier, after H. Ibsen), 1986, Hamburg, 22 Jan 1989
Zhizn’ s idiotom [Life with an Idiot] (op, 3, V. Yerofeyev), 1991, Amsterdam, 13 April 1992
Gesualdo (op, prol, 7 scenes, epilogue, R. Bletschacher), 1994, Vienna, 26 May 1995
Incid music: Charleston, light music ens, 1965, orchd P. Dementyev [from film score Adventures of a Dentist]; 2 Fragments, small orch, 1976 [from film score How Tsar Peter Got the Black Man Married]; Polyphonic Tango, 15 insts, 1979; Music to an Imagined Play, insts, 1985
66 film scores; 12 stage productions


9 syms.: no.1, 1972; no.2 ‘St Florian’, solo vv, chbr chorus, orch, 1979; no.3, 1980; no.4, solo vv, chorus, chbr orch, 1983; Conc. grosso no.4 (Sym. no.5), vn, ob, orch, 1988; no.6, 1992; no.7, 1993; no.8, 1993–4; no.9, 1995–7
Concs.: Vn Conc. no.1, 1957, rev. 1962; Pf Conc., 1960; Vn Conc. no.2, 1966; Conc., ob, hp, str, 1971; Conc. grosso no.1, 2 vn, hpd, prep pf, str, 1977; Vn Conc. no.3, 1978; Pf Conc., 1979; Conc. grosso no.2, vn, vc, orch, 1981–2; Vn Conc. no.4, 1982; Conc. grosso no.3, 2 vn, hpd, 14 str, 1985; Va Conc., 1985; Vc Conc. no.1, 1986; Pf Conc., 4 hands, 1987–8; Vc Conc. no.2, 1990; Conc. grosso no.5, vn, orch, off-stage pf, 1991; Conc. grosso no.6, vn, pf, str orch, 1993; Myortvïye dushi [Dead Souls], 1993 [suite from film, compiled by G. Rozhdestvensky]; Konzert zu 3, vn, va, vc, pf, str orch, 1994; [Conc.], va, orch, 1995–8
Other: Music for Pf and Chbr Orch, 1964; Variations on the Theme from the 16th Sym. by Myaskovsky, 1966 [contrib. to collab. work]; Pianissimo … , 1968; Sonata, vn, chbr orch, 1968 [from Sonata no.1, vn, pf, 1963]; In Memoriam, 1978 [from Pf Qnt, 1976]; Gogol-Suite, 1981; Passacaglia, 1981; Ritual, 1984–5; (K)ein Sommernachstraum, 1985; Epilogue from ‘Peer Gynt’, 1987; Quasi una sonata, vn, chbr orch, 1987 [from Sonata no.2, vn, pf, 1968]; Trio-Sonata, chbr orch, 1987 [from Str Trio, 1985]; Monologue, va, str, 1989; Sutartines, org, str, perc, 1991; Hommage à Grieg, 1992; For Liverpool, 1994; Sinfonischer Vorspiel, 1994


Choral: Requiem, solo vv, chorus, inst ens, 1975; Der Sonnengesang des Franz von Assisi (St Francis of Assisi), 2 choruses, 6 insts, 1976; Minnesang (12th and 13th century Minnesinger texts), 52 vv, 1980–81; Seid nüchtern und wachet … (cant., J. Spies: Volksbuch), solo vv, chorus, orch, 1983; 3 Choruses (Orthodox Church prayer bk), 1984; Conc. (G. Narekatsi), 1984–5; Stikhi pokayannïye [Penitential Psalms], 1987; Eröffnungvers zum 1 Festspielsonntag, chorus, org, 1989; Agnus Dei, 2 S, female chorus, orch, 1991; Torzhestvennïy kant [Solemn Canto], chorus, vn, pf, orch, 1991; Lux aeterna (Communio II), chorus, orch, 1994 [movt 12 of Requiem der Versöhnung, collab. Berio, Cerha, Dittrich and others, unfinished [completed and orchd G. Rozhdestvensky; contrib. to collab. work: Requiem der Versöhnung]
Other: 3 Poems (M. Tsvetayeva), Mez, pf, 1965; Voices of Nature, no text, 10 female vv, vib, 1972; 8 Songs, Bar, pf, 1975 [from incid music Don Carlos, by F. Schiller]; Magdalina (B. Pasternak: Doctor Zhivago), 1v, pf, 1977; 3 Madrigals (F. Tanzer), S, vn, va, db, vib, hpd, 1980; 3 Scenes, no text, S, ens, 1980; 3 Gedichte (V. Schnittke), Bar, pf, 1988; Mutter (E. Lasker-Schüler), Mez, pf, 1993; 5 Fragmente zu Bildern von Hieronymus Bosch (Aeschylus and N. Reusner), T, trbn, vn, hpd, timp, str orch, 1994

Chamber and solo instrumental

3 or more insts: Dialogue, solo vc, fl, ob, cl, hn, tpt, perc, pf, 1965; Str Qt no.1, 1966; Serenade, cl, vn, db, perc, pf, 1968; Canon in Memoriam Igor Stravinsky, str qt, 1971; Pf Qnt, 1976 [orchd as In Memoriam, 1978]; Cantus perpetuus, hpd, perc, 1975; Moz-Art, fl, cl, 3 vn, va, vc, db, perc, org, 1975 [from sketches by Mozart, k416d]; Prelude in Memoriam Dmitry Shostakovich, 1/2 vn, tape, 1975; Moz-Art à la Haydn, 2 vn, chbr orch, 1977 [after sketches by Mozart, k416d]; Hymns I–IV, solo vc, bn, db, perc, hp, hpd, 1974–9; Moz-Art, ob, vn, vc, db, hpd, hp, 1980; Str Qt no.2, 1980; Septet, fl, 2 cl, vn, va, vc, hpd/org, 1981–2; Lebenslauf, 4 metronomes, perc, pf, 1982; Str Qt no.3, 1983; Str Trio, 1985, orchd as Trio-Sonata, 1987, arr. pf trio, 1992; 4 Aphorisms, chbr orch, 1988; Pf Qt, 1989 [after sketches by Mahler]; Str Qt no.4, 1989; 3 x 7, cl, hn, trbn, vn, vc, db, hpd, 1989; Moz-Art à la Mozart, 8 fl, hp, 1990 [after sketches by Mozart, k416d]; Epilogue, vc, pf, tape, 1992 [from the ballet Peer Gynt]; Qt, perc, 1993; Minuet, vn, va, vc, 1994; [Variations], str qt, 1995–8
1–2 insts: Sonata no.1, vn, pf, 1963, orchd 1968; Sonata no.2, vn, pf, 1968, orchd as Quasi una sonata, 1987; Suite in Old Style, vn, pf, 1972, arr. va d’amore, chbr ens, 1986; Greeting Rondo, vn, pf, 1973; Moz-Art, 2 vn, 1975–6 [arr. of Minuet from Suite in Old Style]; Moz-Art, 2 vn, 1976 [after sketches by Mozart, k416d]; Sonata no.1, vc, pf, 1978; Stille Nacht, vn, pf, 1978 [arr. of German Christmas carol]; Stille Musik, vn, vc, 1979; 2 Short Pieces, org, 1980; A Paganini, vn, 1982; Schall und Hall, trbn, pf, 1983; Klingende Buchstaben, vc, 1988; Madrigal in Memoriam Oleg Kagan, vn/vc, 1991; To the 90th Birthday of Alfred Schlee, va, 1991; Polka, vn, pf, 1993 [arr. from the ballet Sketches]; Improvisation, vc, 1993–4; Sonata no.2, vc, pf, 1993–4; Sonata no.3, vn, pf, 1994
Pf: 6 Children’s Pieces, 1962–3; Prelude and Fugue, 1963; Improvisation and Fugue, 1965; Variations of the Chord, 1965; 6 Pieces, 1971; Dedication to Igor Stravinsky, Sergei Prokof’yev and Dmitry Shostakovich, pf 6 hands, 1979; Sonata no.1, 1987; 5 Aphorisms, 1990; 3 Fragments for Hpd, 1990; Sonata no.2, 1990–91; Sonata no.3, 1992; Sonatina, pf 4 hands, 1994
Cadenzas: W.A. Mozart: Pf Conc., k491, 1975; L. van Beethoven: Vn Conc., solo vn, 10 vn, timp, 1975–7; Mozart: Pf Conc., k467, 1980 [3 cadenzas]; Mozart: Bn Conc., k191, 1983 [2 cadenzas]; Mozart: Pf Conc., k503, 1983; Mozart: Pf Conc., k39, 1990 [2 cadenzas]
Tape: Potok [The Stream], 1969

Early works

Accdn Conc., 1948–9, lost; Fugue, vn, 1953; Poem, pf, orch, 1953, pf score only; Redeyet oblakov letuchaya gryada [The Passing Line Of Clouds Grows Thinner] (A. Pushkin), 1v, pf, 1953; 6 Preludes, pf, 1953–4; Beryozka [Birch-Tree] (S. Shchipachev), 1v, pf, 1954–5; 3 Choruses (A. Prokof’yev, M. Isakovsky, A. Mashistov), chorus, 1954–5; Intermezzo, 2 vn, va, vc, pf, 1954–5; Ov., orch, 1954–5; Scherzo, 2 vn, va, vc, pf, 1954–5, orchd; Sonata, vn, pf, 1954–5; 2 Songs, 1v, pf, 1954–5: Sumrak [Dusk] (F. Tyutchev), Nishchiy [Beggar] (M. Lermontov); Suite, str orch, 1954–5, arr. chbr orch; Variations, pf, 1954–5; Sym. no.0, 1956–7; Nagasaki (orat, A. Sofronov and others), Mez, chorus, orch, 1958; Songs of War and Peace (cant.), S, chorus, orch, 1959; Str Qt, 1959, unfinished; Elec Insts Conc., 1960, unfinished; The 11th Commandment (op, M. Churova, G. Ansimov, Schnittke), 1962, pf score only; Suite for Children, small orch, 1962; Music for Chbr Orch, 1964


D. Shostakovich: 2 Pf Preludes, small orch, 1976; A. Jensen: Serenade for V and Pf, 1v, orch, 1984; S. Joplin: Ragtime for Pf, orch, 1984; F. Nietzsche: Beschworung for V and Pf, 1v, orch, 1984; A. Berg: Canon ‘An das Frankfurter Opernhaus’, 9 str, 1985, arr. solo vn, str, 1985

Principal publishers: Sikorski, Universal, Peters, Sovetskïy Kompozitor, Muzïka


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